Where did my money go?

Our neighbor Tom gave us the business card, “Bronko Construction Team” and a number from the other end of the state was printed on it.  Tom’s new deck was a great addition for dinner parties and it was time to make our backyard more enjoyable.  We called the number and a friendly voice said he would be over in a few days.  My wife and I discussed our needs and we met with Bronko’s salesman/site boss and he told us “No problem, just like Tom’s deck.  I’ll need 50% up front for materials and labor upon completion.  I can get a deal on the lumber and if we don’t worry about permits, we can get it done faster.”

“What a deal, in our price range and he is going to get it done quickly for us,” I said.   Sooner than later, Tom would be over for dinner on our deck.  The Bronko Team was going to start construction on Monday; we picked out deck stain over the weekend and started planning a cookout for the following weekend.  The team showed up Monday morning, footers were dug and the rain came Tuesday.  Wednesday and no Bronko Team, a phone call later and they were finishing a project and would return the following Monday.  Monday came and went, so did the rest of the week.  Bronko Construction Team never returned, our money is gone and we have unsightly holes in the yard.  What could we have done differently?


The story is not about me, rather it is one that I have heard many times. Most people lose their money. The best way to ensure respectable work and accountability will be to hire a licensed NC general contractor and have a written contract to protect both parties for all projects over $30,000. 


[p]The North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors governs general contractors while the trades are separate licensing agencies; see Electrical and Plumbing, Heating and Fire SprinklersGeneral Contractors free you from the burdens of maintaining a work schedule, obtaining the necessary permits, coordinating sub-contractors and resourcing the necessary materials from suppliers.  Couple this with experience, general contractors provide the advantage to completing your project on time, on budget and to uniform building codes while you concentrate on making it your home. [/p]

[p]Licensed contractors are supervised by local offices, either city or county; which are governed by the state licensing board.  Contractors are required to obtain the necessary permits before the project begins and request inspections at the appropriate intervals throughout the project up to the final inspection and the issuance of the “Certificate of Occupation” to the homeowner.  JL Builders holds North Carolina Unlimited General Contractor’s license #71721.  [/p]


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[one_fourth]Asheville Building Safety [/one_fourth]
[one_fourth] Haywood County Building[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last] Town of Waynesville [/one_fourth_last]

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