Dining Delights in Hendersonville NC

When you are visiting Hendersonville, NC, you know that the sights are going to be special and the activities for you and your family will be plentiful. However, you can’t have fun all the time, not without eating. When you aren’t visiting the apple festival or participating in one of the many sports activities in the area, then you will be looking for the best places to eat. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top hot spots to check out when you are dining in Hendersonville, NC.

Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant

This gorgeous seafood restaurant is the perfect place to take the family for succulent seafood after a day of touring the town and seeing the sights. There are even private rooms that you can book, which is a great thing if there are a lot of people in the group you are traveling with. The menu consists of everything from oysters on the half shell for the more adventurous of the group to boiled popcorn shrimp for the others. There is a kid’s menu as well, so everyone can enjoy seafood in an elegant restaurant.

Champa Sushi and Thai Cuisine

If you love sushi and Thai cuisine, then Champa is the perfect place for you to eat. From beef to fresh fish and rice and noodles to party boat combinations, nothing compares to Champa, unless it’s the upscale atmosphere and the reasonable prices. Visit them today for all the sushi you can handle.

Flat Rock Village Bakery

When it comes to eating breakfast and lunch, Flat Rock Village Bakery is the place to go. With delicious quiches, mouthwatering cinnamon rolls and delicious brick oven baked bread; nothing says breakfast in the mornings like Flat Rock Village Bakery.

Hubba Hubba Smokehouse

If you are looking for rustic charm with your dining experience, then the Hubba Hubba Smokehouse is the place to get it. They are an authentic wood-fired smokehouse. You won’t find any electric smokers on the premises. If you love slow cooked BBQ, then this is going to melt in your mouth. From sliced brisket to pulled pork that will melt in your mouth, add a side of cornbread and this eatery can’t be beat.

When you are visiting Hendersonville, NC, you aren’t going to find any better food than these restaurants. From BBQ to seafood with breakfast in between, we invite ya’ll to come on in.