The Ins and Outs of Downtown Hendersonville

What is Downtown Hendersonville NC all about?

There are many unique cities throughout the great state of North Carolina, and while the college cities often get attention on the national stage, and Asheville gains plenty of attention as its own unique gem of a city tucked away into the mountains. However, there are few cities anywhere that can compete with the remarkable experiences that can be had in downtown Hendersonville NC.

All About The Downtown
There are 16 blocks that together make up the historic downtown region of Hendersonville and there is always something to do no matter what time of the year it is. The downtown has a Main Street that isn’t boring: instead of a straight line it is a curving serpentine street that displays the best the town has to offer including art galleries, a wide array of restaurants, specialty shops, and more!

Add in some free Wi-Fi outdoors and it is easy to see why the downtown attracts so much attention whether a major festival is in town or it is just another day. While residents know that the downtown offers an amazing array of benefits to residents year round, this is also a town that gains plenty of renown throughout the state and beyond because it is home to a wide array of outstanding festivals.

Special Hendersonville NC Festivals
There are many great festivals held in Hendersonville. Always keep an eye out for that year’s events calendar and see what is up and coming in the weeks ahead.

Rhythm & Brews
This is an incredible yearly event that takes place over 5 months, and is always on the 3rd Thursday of the month starting in May and wrapping up the year in September. These are incredibly popular with locals and visitors alike, and its a time to celebrate outstanding music acts, delicious food, and great drink – all surrounded by great company enjoying the same!

The Annual Antique & Vintage Show
This summer festival takes place on different days depending on the year but often takes place towards the end of June. Vendors apply for their spot and on the big day visitors form hundreds of miles around come out to see every type of collectible that you can imagine. Antiques, hand made crafts, industrial collectibles, rustic collectibles, special crafts, re-designed pieces of art, there’s about everything you can imagine.

True antiques, collectibles, vintage or whatever else, there is plenty here to enjoy.

Don’t forget the others like Labor Day’s North Carolina Apple Festival, spring time’s Tulip Extravaganza, or even the traditional downtown Christmas events. There is always another celebration of interest taking place in Hendersonville.

Visit today and see what all the fuss is about!