Fun Events in Waynesville NC

Waynesville, NC might just be one of the most fun towns on Earth. There’s always something to do on the calendar. Whether it’s enjoying art galleries, dancing in the street, or listening to local bands. Here are just a couple of the biggest events that take place in Waynesville, NC.

Art After Dark


Every year, from May to December, Waynesville hosts a monthly event known as “ART after Dark”. This event takes place on the first Friday of every month, starting in May. During this monthly event participating art studios and galleries will stay open until at least 9 pm. To tell which galleries are participating look for the WGA flag outside of the business. The flag represents members of the Waynesville Gallery Association.

Art After Dark is about more than just extended hours. It’s a chance to mingle with other art lovers in the area. There are special showings, unique displays, and refreshments available to visitors during the extended hours.

Rockin’ Block Party

What better way to relax and have some fun than a rockin’ block party? On Saturday, May 27 of 2017 Main Street will be hosting an annual block party. Whether you’re new to the area, have lived here your whole life, or are just passing through, it’s a great place to hang out, have fun, and meet new people. There’s plenty to do and it’s all kid friendly.

There will be three live bands playing through the night. Nearby restaurants stay open for the event and there are special activities planned for the evening, including dancing on Main Street and a special “Kids on Main” activity hour.

Mountain Street Dances

The Main Street block party isn’t the only time you can enjoy dancing outdoors. On Friday, June 23rd there’s a special Mountain Street Dances event held on the historic courthouse lawn. It lasts for 2 and a half hours between 6:30 and 9:00 pm.

There will be square dancing, clogging, and good old fashion music. Most of the mountain music will be played live with the help of some visiting and local bands. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to clog dance because there will be instructions and demonstrations led by experts.

Plenty More

These are just three of the events that take place throughout the year. There are also community dog walks, apple harvest festivals, arts and craft shows, folk music festivals. So clear your calendar and plan for some fun in Waynesville, NC.