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Are You Looking To Build a Home in Biltmore Forest North Carolina?
We specialize in building homes for people relocating to Biltmore Forest NC

Are you looking at moving to North Carolina in the next few years?  Maybe you plan to purchase property and retire here?  Maybe you already have purchased the perfect property here and you are getting ready to start the planning phase of building your dream home?  North Carolina is a truly magical place to live because of our mountain scenery and the great lifestyle we all enjoy, but we probably don’t need to try and convince you of that!

What is really important, is that you understand how the home building process works in North Carolina.  There are special considerations when constructing homes in a more rural setting and other specifics that will be important to you when you’re about to spend several hundred thousand dollars of your hard earned money on your new home.   If you are from out-of-town trying to coordinate a project as large as building a new home for you and your family to live-in then it’s even more important you are well informed and educated as to what you’re about to face.

Custom Home BuilderJL Builders is a full service home building contractor serving Biltmore Forest and the surrounding area.  We specialize in working with people who are looking to relocate to North Carolina and who plan on purchasing or already own a lot where they plan to build their final home for their retirement.  Many of our clients are retirees looking to relocate to the North Carolina area for the change of lifestyle pace and to be closer to friends, family and loved ones that might be located in the area as well.

We’ve worked with clients from California, Florida, Texas and New England.  Thanks to superb communication skills and the technology we have available at our fingertips (the Internet) the home building process for long-distance home owners as never been as friendly.

Choosing a Lot To Build Your Home in Biltmore Forest

Assuming you haven’t already purchased a lot there are a few things you should be aware of when buying property to build your dream home in western North Carolina.  Firstly, it’s always a good idea to involve your chosen builder in this aspect of your project as early as possible.  In fact, the sooner you get a builder involved with your home construction project the smoother things will run for you and the more likely you are to meet your budget targets and avoid costly mistakes that can result from construction projects in our mountainous terrain.

There are many lot variations and ground conditions that can affect the cost to build a home by tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands) of dollars.  Involve your builder as soon as you can to avoid many of the planning traps and pitfalls that are common when you try and do this all yourself.

With a quick viewing of your property or prospective property we’ll be able to offer you a wealth of valuable insight as to the unique conditions of your property and how it will affect your homes construction or if it’s even possible to build at all, in the case of dangerously steep areas.

Site Improvements

Unless the lot you’ve purchased is already connected to power and utilities and has a drilled well and septic system you’re going to need to have this work done.  Site preparation can be timely and expensive if you’ve chosen a lot that is difficult to work with or has conditions that make progress slow.  Steep slopes and lots of rocky ground are two of the most common building site challenges we face in North Carolina.

1.  Power and Utilities

In some of the more rural areas, especially those with longer driveways utilities will need to be run to your build location.  Some lots might be “serviced” but that doesn’t mean the power runs all the way to your building site.  This means power will stop at the end of your driveway and you will be responsible for running poles and wires to your home.  This cost can vary depending on the terrain and how far the utilities will need to be run from the main lines.  Many homeowners choose to have underground utilities run to their home from the city main.

This can provide a more reliable connection to your utilities and offers a cleaner look with no wires physically connecting to your home, instead they are connected to a power pole a short distance from the home and run underground to the main panel in the home.  This type of underground utilities configuration will add to the cost of your lot preparation but is usually the preferred method.

2.  Drinking Water

Another issue to consider is your drinking water.  Many properties in this area rely on well water for their drinking water.  The cost to drill a will can be upwards of $10,000 or more depending on the well depth and that doesn’t guarantee you’re going to get a good, clean well either.  In our mountainous areas well water can have a multitude of problems such as hard water, rotten egg smell, low flow and more.  All of these issues can be fixed with the right technology but you’d probably like to know ahead of time what you’re getting yourself into.

Clean, potable water is also a requirement from many banks and lenders if you need to have a mortgage on the home and whole home filtration and softening systems can run into the thousands of dollars.  Not only that but water filtration systems (especially whole house systems) will take up invaluable space in your home and will need to be accommodated for in your design plans.

It’s not a bad idea to check with neighbors in the surrounding area of your property (or where you plan to buy) to see how their well water is and if they’ve had any issues.

3.  Septic System

Properties around Biltmore Forest will likely not have access to any city sewer and you’ll be required to have an operational septic system in order to get any occupancy permits or before even connecting your home to electrical service.  A septic system must be designed by an engineer and installed to exact specifications in order to pass an inspection.

The cost for a septic system can run from $15,000 – $30,000 or more depending on the size of the system, how it’s being setup and the amount of work required to excavate and install the septic system on your property.

Universal Home Design

You’ve probably heard the term “aging-in-place” before which refers to a home design that is safe and designed for baby boomers to “age-in-place” comfortably, in their own home.  It’s been a very popular building trend over the last decade or so.  Universal home design takes the concept a little bit further and means designing the home in such a way that every aspect of the home is usable by anyone in the family or who may visit regardless of age, size, shape, disability or able-bodied.

Universal home design incorporates wider hallways and wide open floorplans for easy maneuverability for someone in a wheelchair or scooter for example.  Safe and accessible bathrooms for young and old to have their independence and privacy, lots of natural light to reduce the amount of artificial light and power consumption and everything centers around low maintenance.

Whether the home is being built for a retiree couple or a busy family a universal home design will not only be appealing to you and your specific needs but also whoever might want to purchase or live in the home in the future.  There are many homes in North Carolina that have been handed down to a second generation of family and in those situations you don’t want family walking into something that will only cost them many thousands of dollars to modify or remodel.

Don’t Forget About Green Building and Sustainability

A big part of why people choose to live in North Carolina is because you can be closer to nature and live in a much cleaner, environment, rather than a bustling city.  Green and sustainable building practices are very important to many of our customers and it’s something we are very familiar with.  There are many different ways we can make your new home green and sustainable and the limiting factor is usually your budget.

If you’re considering solar power either for hot water or supplemental power then we can position your home on the lot for maximum solar gain.  We can install more efficient wall and attic insulation to help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer which can reduce your home heating/cooling costs.

Gutter systems can be designed and constructed to fill cistern tanks or rain barrels so you can reuse the rain water for washing your cars or watering your gardens.  Rain water for these tasks is preferential over well water because well water can contain minerals and salts that will leave water spots on your cars and well water can also cause havoc with your garden if you aren’t monitoring the PH and mineral content.

Stock House Plans or Choose an Architect To Build in Biltmore Forest

Choosing a set of stock house plans can shave lots of time off the home building process and you’ll end up with a proven home design that has many of the elements you were looking for in a home.  Don’t be afraid to choose a set of stock plans for fear of not being able to make minor alterations or customizations to them either.  If the plans come from a reputable design firm they can often be altered fairly quickly.

If you choose an architect you probably already know it’s going to cost substantially more money, the process will take longer as you hammer out the design details but you’ll be getting exactly what you’ve been dreaming about for your home.  When we say “takes longer” you could be waiting weeks, even months to have finalized building plans.

Whether you choose stock house plans or hire an architect to design your home the team at JL Builders will still be able to build your new home.

Materials Will Make or Break Your Budget

With home construction projects such as these it’s usually never the cost of the structure that is the greatest expense.  If any part of your project is going to break your budget it will be the cost of the building materials and all of the finishing details that you choose.  From simple and economical choices to luxurious and trendy there is going to be wide price variations on materials like flooring, paint, cabinets, windows and doors, hardware and the list goes on.

There will be some areas of the home where you might want to invest in higher quality, more luxurious materials such as your bathroom.  Who doesn’t want to have a luxurious and relaxing spa-like bathroom in their own home?  With heated tile floors and a beautiful walk-in tiled shower and his and hers vanity.  Or maybe kitchens are your thing and you’d like a beautifully designed open kitchen with lots of creative storage and counterspace to entertain friends and family?  It’s easy to go over budget with materials so it’s important to set your budget according to the room and how much you intend on use and what for.

As a builder it’s our job to help you make these tough material decisions with not only your budget in mind but many other factors such as maintenance requirements, durability and ease of installation or any special installation requirements.

Why Choose JL Builders? To Build Your Custom Home in Biltmore Forest

Jonathan Landry of JL BuildersWhen you choose JL Builders to build your custom home in Biltmore Forest you are partnering with a team of dedicated craftsman.

Building a home is no small feat especially when you’re not located here and JL builders has streamlined this process to make everything as painless as possible.  We don’t expect you to take our websites word for it though.  Give us a call or send us an email through our contact form and let’s open up a channel of communication about your potential home building project, we’d love to hear from you!