The Hendersonville Apple Festival

Taking place every single year on Labor Day weekend, the Apple Festival occurs, using 9 of the 14 blocks that make up Hendersonville’s unique main street, and the celebration is directly related to the many apple orchards in the area. Events may vary a little bit from one year to the next but there are a lot of consistent themes that at least work as the basic structure or outline to what you can expect from year to year.

The opening ceremonies always involve some official kick off celebrations as well as a street fair to encourage fun for the entire family. The fun begins early on a Friday and goes throughout the day before diving deep into the weekend. There are plenty of community activities to follow for kids, teens, and adults. There will obviously be a king of the festival and plenty of celebration around King Apple as the city celebrates another year with a successful harvest.

Apple Themed Foods
To no one’s surprise, participants who show up to the Hendersonville NC Apple Festival will have their share of apple based foods like pies, crisps, other desserts, and of course plenty of natural apples and apple sauce. Everything is about the apple and so you will find an outstanding array of options when it comes to enjoying these fruits since that is what the festival is all about.

Plenty Of Fun
There is a reason that this festival gets so much attention year after year. While every festival is a little bit different, one of the most common themes of all is the one that is most important to you: making sure everyone has plenty of fun!

In Conclusion
Festivals are special times and while they might not have the same exact level of importance that they did in older times when all local food was necessary for local needs, that doesn’t change the fact that a good celebration is not only fun but can be a great tool for really drawing the community together.

The Hendersonville NC Apple Festival is renowned because it is an incredible event with a long tradition of pulling residents and tourists together for a long Labor Day weekend of fun, community, and special events. This celebration is worth every moment and if you are going to be in the area you should definitely dive in and enjoy everything it has to offer.