Our Process

JL Builders Home Building and Remodeling Process


Property Acquisition

JL Builders constructs custom homes on your property.  Building in the North Carolina mountains takes special consideration; including your builder during site acquisition can provide savings during the build out by considering how to work with the land.  Home placement for solar gain, construction access and function are integral parts of successful home planning.  JL Builders’ Process was created to streamline the custom home building process and educate the home owner about what to expect throughout  the construction process.


Architect Plans

Let an architect create the home of your dreams.  From the very beginning, include every detail of your morning coffee view to the kitchen work-flow or water retention for gardens and fire protection.  JL Builders working relationship with a number of AIA certified architects across western North Carolina facilitates easy cooperation to complete your project from design, material acquisition, budget and the construction process.


You bring a set of house plans and we customize them to your needs.  Your attention to the details after the structure has been designed offer a home with your name all over it.


Contracts are drawn to provide the scope of work to be completed at an agreed upon price.  Contracts may be fixed price contracts or cost plus; building costs plus a fixed markup for the builder’s expense and profit.


JL Builders has ongoing relationships with local mortgage lenders and will be happy to provide those contacts concerning your lending options.  Our relationships and experience with construction loans is another advantage of choosing JL Builders for your home building process.

Apply for a Building Permit

JL Builders holds NC Building license #71721 and follows all local and state building codes.  Obtaining a new construction building permit requires a set of blueprints and all required engineer information.  Building inspections performed by the state or county are requested by the general contractor at predetermined stages of the building process.  JL Builders is in good standing with all local officials and would be happy to get you in touch with the inspectors for references.


This is our specialty and where we shine.   JL Builders listened to your expectations, design ideas and factored in the availability of resources; we created a plan and now is the time to implement it.  Construction of a home in NC is broken down into the phases required for building inspections as follows:

  • Foundation
  • Framing. Floor to Roof
  • Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical
  • Insulation
  • Wall & Ceiling Coverings
  • Final Inspection of Home – Certificate of Occupancy is Granted
  • Move in – JL Builders Punch List – Closeout

After closeout your warranty will begin.  All materials and craftsmanship are warrantied to be free from defect for 12 months.   Talking with our past customers you will soon realize that we continue to stand behind our work to this day.  Fact is: we hardly ever return to fix something on the homes we have built.