ADA Compliant Bathrooms

ADA Compliant Bathroom Remodeling Contractor.

The ADA or The Americans with Disabilities Act has a set of standards when it comes to accessible bathroom design for handicap washroom facilities.  JL Builders is very familiar with this set of standards and we have extensive experience in accessible bathroom design and construction.

With an aging population that is growing rapidly there is an increased need for these type of services throughout the state of North Carolina.  When safety is a concern, there is an even stronger case for you to make sure you hire a professional contractor with experience in making bathrooms safe and compliant.  This will make sure you’ve got a bathroom that will meet all of your needs and can be custom tailored to you or your loved ones situation.

What Kind Of ADA Compliant Work Can We Do?

  • Handicap Safe Bathrooms in your Home.
  • Barrier Free Shower Design and Construction.
  • Handicap Safe Bathrooms for Local Businesses.
  • Handicap Safe Bathrooms for Large Commercial and Institutional Buildings.

JL Builders can help you design and build a bathroom that will be safe and accessible for every member of your family, every customer, or every employee who may wish to use your facilities.