Commercial Construction

Commercial Contractor in Asheville

Looking for a great commercial construction and remodeling contractor in Western North Carolina?  JL Builders is a full service design and construction contractor specializing in commercial construction and utility construction projects.

From remodeling your small offices to building out your expanding retail space or even constructing a new fire department.  JL Builders can help you plan, design and build your commercial or public space into exactly what you need it to be for your business to continue growing and so the community can access your services.

If it’s a brand new business or a new location that is yet to be established then it’s a relatively smooth process as we can work without inconveniencing you or your customers.  However we know most of the businesses we service have already been in business for a number of years, they already have regular customers and an established location.  In this situation, dealing with the professional like JL Builders is your preferred option.  As a business owner you need specific schedules, time frames, and considerations for your project.

JL Builders will make every effort possible to minimize the downtime and inconvenience with your commercial operation by accommodating your specific and individual needs.  These will be different for almost every business we work with and we’ll custom tailor or construction services to suit you for the duration of your project.

Commercial Remodeling Services We Offer in Western, NC:

  • Office Remodeling
  • Retail Space Remodeling
  • Retail Space Build Outs
  • Restuarant Construction
  • Restuarant Remodeling
  • Small Office Buildings
  • Exterior Improvements
  • Commercial Painting

How your customers perceive your business is probably extremely important to you.  It’s important to JL Builders too.  We’ll make every effort possible to transform your place of business into something you and your customers will love.