Green Home Construction

Efficient Affordable Green Home Builders

JL Builders believes Western North Carolina is beautiful place to live and all of our customers would surely agree.  Over the last few years people have started to become more aware of their environmental impact and this has especially come into play with custom home building.  “Green” homes are quickly becoming a popular building fad and the amount of green building products and practices can be overwhelming for a homeowner who just wants to do the “right thing”.

From living totally “off the grid” to just lessening your impact through environmentally safe building practices there are many ways you can make a difference with your new home.  JL Builders are Green Building contractors.  We can help you make sense of the Green Building standards and what options are going to be realistic for your location and your budget.

Green Building Services We Offer:

Site Planning – We’ll use the existing terrain to our advantage.  We can plan to position your home for the most solar exposure, or utilize an existing elevation so you can have a walk out basement.  We can position your home so it takes full advantage of sun and shade to help reduce your heating and cooling costs.  This is actually one of the most important steps in the Green Building process.

Affordable, Efficient Construction – We construct your home while minimizing the impact of the building process on your land.  Using SIPS or advanced framing with proper insulation and air sealing.  Air Quality and Comfort also take centerstage as we work with specialized HVAC contractors who know how to reduce your energy costs through efficient heating and cooling systems.  We’ll use environmentally friendly choices for products and finishes wherever possible to improve the air quality and remove toxins from the materials in your home.

Energy Efficiency – Solar power technology for homeowners has rapidly advanced over the years and is now in a bracket that is affordable to many.  A simple solar hot water system for example provides real cost savings in your pocket and real benefits with it’s reduction in energy.  It’s a small investment in your home that could pay itself off within just 4 to 8 years.   You can further reduce your energy consumption and impact with the use of Energy Star and Smart Appliances which can be seamlessly integrated into your new home.

Material Selection – Wherever possible we’ll try and use recycled materials such as composite decking, wood from sustainable and regenerating timber plots, engineered wood flooring (which uses 3-4 times less wood than hardwood!) and fiber cement siding to cite a few examples.  Some of our customers might have treed lots and the wood from their own property can be milled and used in the construction of their home.  Milling the wood on your own property might not sound that environmentally friendly, but when you compare it to having lumber trucked in from miles away then you really are lessening your impact.

Water Conservation – There are many ways we can help you conserve water with your new home such as drought resistant landscaping with trees and shrubbery that do not need to be watered as frequently, rainwater collection systems can capture enough water to take care of your gardens.  Aside from outdoor improvements there are many “Green” upgrades you can make within the home as well such as Tankless hot water heaters, low flush volume toilets, water saving fixtures and energy star appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

Let’s face it. The [texthighlight color=”green-mute” ]Green[/texthighlight]  movement can be overwhelming. When you work with JL Builders we’ll take the stress out of the process by offering you our educated guidance.

Green building can be measured for effectiveness by third party inspectors to validate adherence to LEED or National Green Building Standards (NGBS).