Handicap Accessibility

Handicap Accessible Contractor

Handicap Home Modifications are a very specialized area of construction and remodeling.  Residential projects require us to work closely with the individual homeowner so we make improvements that actually improve their quality of life.  While on the other hand, commercial or public sector improvements require us to work closely with many individuals, as well as draw upon our years of experience in these fields of construction.  Our goal is to help you make the right choices and then implement them so your building remains accessible for all.

Wheelchair ramps, wheelchair friendly bathrooms, roll-in showers, grab bars and wheelchair friendly cabinets and shelving are all very popular projects.

JL Builders has been working with special needs homeowners and building managers for several years and we excel at designing safe, innovative solutions to help you make your building more accessible.  We install many popular ADA compliant safety products from the nations best and most innovative manufacturers.

Accessiblity Modifications We Can Help You With:

  • Handicap Friendly Bathrooms
  • Bathroom Grab Bar Installations
  • Barrier Free Showers or “Roll In” Showers
  • Wheelchair Friendly Cabinets
  • Custom Built Wheelchair Ramps
  • And More…

JL Builders is very familiar with The ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) accessible design standards and all of our work either meets or exceeds the standards they have set.  We are extremely familiar with the current accessibility products and solutions on the market and we’ll be able to present you with several well articulated solutions for your home, business or public building.

We are committed to making your building more accessible, safe and friendly for people and their loved ones who may have a physical disability.  We take this work seriously.