Timber Frame Homes

Timber Frame Builder in Western North Carolina

Timber Frame Construction has quickly become a popular building style here in Western, NC for both homes and businesses.  A well built Timber Frame structure always look impressive especially when it’s complimented with natural stone and a more rustic style of landscaping.  Appealing to those who are fond of the outdoors and those of  you who are looking for the perfect home to fit into the natural mountain setting of Western, North Carolina.

If you want your home or building to have a great natural look and the luxurious contrast of dark wood and natural stone then a Timber Frame structure is probably something you’ve already been considering.

Another benefit to Timber Frame construction is that the wood for your posts and beams can often be milled from the lumber on your own property if you have a treed acreage.  If you own a treed lot with mature trees there are a number of portable mill operators in the area who can custom mill the beams and other structural timbers for your home.  Sourcing the materials from your own property is a great way to save money and leave less of an impact on the environment than having expensive timber imported from elsewhere.

JL Builders is an experienced design/build construction contractor in the Western, North Carolina area.  In our 30+ years of construction experience in North Carolina we’ve designed and built many Timber Frame homes and structures for our customers.

Building in the North Carolina mountains takes some special considerations; including your builder during the property acquisition phase can provide savings during the build out by considering how to work with the land ahead of time.   Home placement for solar gain, construction and services access and function are all integral parts of successful home planning.

JL Builders’ process was created to streamline the custom home building process and educate the home owner about what to expect throughout the construction process.

From Foundation to Final Inspection.  JL Builders can provide you with the seamless custom home building experience you’re looking for.