Why Move to Asheville in 2017?

Why Move to Asheville?


Nestled in the quiet Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC, Asheville is a unique and fast-growing city with fantastic geography and a vibrant culture. It’s a great place to come and enjoy the arts and soak in the feel of a hip young city. Whether you want to visit the art museum, the charming downtown area, or one of our many world class breweries there is something for everyone. Asheville is a great city for music, beer, and enjoying the outdoors and you won’t find another place quite like it. Here are our reasons to move to Asheville as soon as you can and join the experience you won’t find anywhere else.


The Arts

Do you like visual art and good music? Everyone does, and Asheville has both in spades. There are plenty of art galleries to be found, not to mention the stunning artworks you can see just walking down the street in this beautiful city. You might even become an artist yourself with one of the many continuing education programs that can be found at places like UNCA. Asheville is also a popular destination for musicians and there is sure to be great live show to enjoy every week, ranging from our native bluegrass to every variety of rock and electronic music, whatever your taste there is something for everyone.


For Your Health

The southern states are known for fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, and all that artery clogging but oh-so-delightful comfort food. However you don’t have to be unhealthy just because you live in the south. Asheville is a hub for the nutritionally minded, full of health nuts and those who like to know exactly where their food comes from. There are plenty of farm to table restaurants and many farmer markets so that you’ll never run out of local food and you can always find an organic option. Not to mention the myriad of outdoor activities available nearby to burn off those excess calories, there are tons of beautiful hiking destinations and parks to enjoy. You can go kayaking or cycling or simply relax as you tube down the French Broad River.

The Great Outdoors

With its close proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway as well as several national parks there is always a breathtaking view to be found or an invigorating hike to be experienced. Asheville’s location also makes sure you have a full range of seasons, without getting unreasonably cold or hot. Enjoy the mild winters or join the thousands who come every autumn to see the leaves change. Of course, we can’t forget the Nature Center a 42-acre zoological park where you can see animals ranging from wolves to otters and even bears.

The Perfect Size

Do you like bumper to bumper traffic? So many cars around that you could get out and walk to your destination faster than you can drive? Nobody does. Thankfully there is a place where you can have all the conveniences of a big city without the issues that come from living in a major metropolitan area. And that place is of course Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is a place that you can live comfortably and without a care, having access to everything you need without making sacrifices. And by the way, if you’re a dog lover they are welcome almost everywhere.


The real question isn’t “should I move to Asheville” it is why aren’t you here already?

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