A Little Help from My Friends



[p]A simple concept hatched a few years ago by the people over at Asheville Habitat for Humanity has gained steam and provided a steady source of revenue for the Habitat Restore and upcycling for some lucky families.  For a nominal fee, the Deconstruction team will come to your home, deconstruct reusable materials and give them a second life at the Restore located at 31 Meadow Road.  Kitchens are a great donation along with the appliances, but it doesn’t stop there, if it is a reusable building material and has some life left, the Deconstruction team will take it.


There are several advantages of contacting and using the Deconstruction team:

  • Divert waste from landfills and cut costs from disposal fees.
  • Possible tax advantages; Receipt is provided for donated goods.
  • Feel good fuzzy feeling that you get from helping the local community.

Recently, I helped Joel of Habitat’s Deconstruction team and what a day of work it turned out to be!  We Deconstructed the kitchen cabinets and appliances from a home in south Asheville.  The couple decided it was time for a new kitchen but throwing the cabinets out would be costly and wasteful.  After loading up the cabinets, appliances and two pieces of furniture that were added to the donations, we cleaned up and left a blank slate for their home builder.  Although it was a tiring day of work, that kitchen was on its way to a community member’s home in less than 3 weeks.  A Win-Win situation for all involved.







There are many products on the market to increase home efficiency, but minimizing waste during the construction phase is simple and cheap.  The Deconstrcution team makes recycling easy, call 828-777-4158 or Email coordinator Joel Johnson to consult about your project.  Joel and his helpers offer a unique approach to get your project off to the right start.

Interested in volunteering with Asheville’s Habitat for Humanity? [/p]

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