Haywood County Water

[p]No other county in North Carolina can boast this claim to fame about its waterways…[/p]

[blockquote] All natural waterways in Haywood County NC originate inside the county. [/blockquote]

[p]Considering the real value of fresh water, Haywood County NC is a very special place indeed. The earth is over 70% water, yet less than 5% of that is fresh water, which is crucial to sustaining life. Beyond just necessity for life, humans are also naturally attracted to water, making our uniqueness here even more inviting.[/p]

[p]Situated in Western North Carolina and completely landlocked, there is an abundance of fresh and appealing liquid life. Most notably, the largest source, the Pigeon River, begins north of Canton and flows west to Tennessee providing life for agriculture, industry, and recreation.[/p]

[p]The life giving properties of the Pigeon River are manifested in ways such as watering the crops for local farmers and supplying the Blue Ridge Paper Mill that employs many of the local residents. These waterways also present a myriad of opportunities to the recreational community of western North Carolina. Activities like whitewater rafting, fly fishing, and canoing are all enjoyed without leaving the immediate area.[/p]

[p]It is also vitally important that we keep our waterways clean and usable for generations to come. Several organizations in the area are dedicated full time to this cause. Haywood Waterways Association is one such group and provides education and volunteer opportunities to those interested. We encourage you to be an active participant in keeping the waterways clean and accessible.[/p]

[p]One simple step is just keeping trash properly disposed of:[/p]

[blockquote]Over 70% of the trash in our waterways comes directly form storm drain runoff pollution. By keeping our streets and parking lots free of trash, we can stay one step ahead of the trash making it there in the first place.[/blockquote]

[p]Discover more about the unique waterways of Haywood County at the Haywood Waterways Association web site.[/p]