Waking Up To an Early Spring In Western North Carolina

[p] With the lack of winter here in the mountains this year, Western North Carolina winter recently ended with an unseasonably warm daily high of 79 degrees. As one of my favorite seasons wraps up on such a high note, it is time to think ahead. Thoughts of gardening, hiking, street festivals and the Blue Ridge Parkway have clouded the mind during this mild winter. Now is time to enact the thoughts that push us outdoors and begin enjoying another wonderful summer in Western North Carolina.[/p]

[p]As winter weather folds, the tiller has made its pass through our raised bed gardens. Our spring crops of Brussels sprouts, cabbage, collards, kale and onions have taken up residency and are soaking up the sunshine. As we eye our dwindling supply of canned tomatoes from the 2011 season, a full summer garden cannot come soon enough. 2012 brings a new kind of farming to the family, this year we are entering honey bee farming into our equation. The reported benefits of bees in our gardens and flowering plants will only bee topped when we harvest our first jars of that sweet nectar they create.[/p]

[p]We have a few other ideas hatching for our small scale homesteading adventure, you will surely want to check back soon for more updates.[/p]